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The routine dynamic energy balance analysis for NBI-heated plasmas was made possible in the first version released in September As the most efficient steady state turbulence simulation scheme for this problem, bounce-averaged gyrokinetic simulation provides deeper insights reveiple nonlinear alaj separated from the linear effects in the investigation. The Chinese fusion engineering testing reactor CFETR will demonstrate tritium self- sufficiency using a tritium breeding blanket for the tritium fuel cycle.

The parallel field gradients account for the existence of different orbit topologies of energetic particles.

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The limiters are diagnosed with infrared cameras, neutral gas pressure gauges, thermocouples and spectroscopic diagnostics. The paper carries out a comprehensive study of the performances of Rogowski coils. As an initial exercise, a constraint that the windings be vertical was placed on large major radius half of the non-planar coils.

The mode onset occurs when the the ohmic heating input is less than the radiative cooling loss, which agrees with the mode onset behavior of the thermo-resistive model. Experimental results are qualitatively consistent with the simulations. The Fourier transform of the excited fields in the nonlinear saturated regime of the simulations is the theoretical counterpart to the measured ICE spectra.

Toroidal rotation braking by neoclassical toroidal viscosity driven by non-axisymmetric 3D magnetic fields, called magnetic braking, has great potential to control rotation profile, and thereby modify tokamak stability and performance.

Abstract A fully-kinetic ion and gyrokinetic electron Vlasov—Maxwell particle simulation model is derived through Lie transform perturbation theory for Hamiltonian systems in terms of four ordering parameters, and. As compared to the previous model Breizman Nucl. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. The toroidal rotating filaments could change the edge magnetic topology resulting in toroidal rotating strike point splitting and heat flux broadening.

The hydrogen concentration in the tungsten samples irradiated in hydrogen was higher than that in the samples irradiated in helium atmosphere. The limiter shape was designed to smoothly distribute the heat flux over two strike lines.


Damage dose rate and H and He production are analysed in the different locations and compared with the irradiation conditions in first wall and divertor in fusion machines.

Modeling of the linear-to-saturated ohmic confinement transitions is performed on the ohmic discharges database collected at ASDEX Upgrade. The enhancement of deuterium retention was investigated for tungsten in the presence of both 2. The development of ferritic steel alloys as the structural material suitable for use at high neutron fluence leads to the use of helium as the most likely reactor coolant.

Abstract We investigate kinetic effects of hot particles and rotating bulk plasmas on resistive wall mode RWM stability. This work brings an overview of their electromagnetic properties studied by multi-pin reciprocating probes and magnetic diagnostics.

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For the KSTAR Ohmic plasma database including the experiment results up to the experimental campaign, both features were investigated. Plasma oscillations propagating toroidally away from the antenna are observed. Electron cyclotron resonance heating with different modulation frequencies by two gyrotrons has been used to directly quantify the amplitude of the non-linear component at the inter-modulation frequencies.

We have carried out systematic first-principles total energy and vibration spectrum calculations to investigate the finite-temperature H dissolution behaviors in tungsten and molybdenum, which are considered promising candidates for the first wall in nuclear fusion reactors.

Non-uniformity effects of the edge radial electric field, E ron edge transport xlam ETB formation have been identified with high-spatiotemporal resolution spectroscopic measurement. Li, Yuejiang Shi, P. Characteristic parameters are estimated for different fusion relevant isotopic compositions protium, deuterium, tritium and singly charged helium by means of conditional averaging.

In this paper, we show that it is possible to estimate second derivatives rreveille electron density and temperature using a nonparametric regression technique known as Gaussian process regression. This fully non-inductive 2nd harmonic EC plasma ramp-up method might be useful for future burning plasma devices and fusion reactors, in particular for operations at half magnetic field with the same EC heating equipment.

The achievable plasma current was limited by the maximum operational toroidal field of TST This is confirmed by three different analysis techniques and the quiescent X-point region QXR spans from the separatrix to the flux surface. An EHO induced filament was also observed by the gas puff imaging diagnostic. We have explored possibilities for generating an experimental database to test whether the reduction in transport that is predicted is consistent with experimental observations.


Log in to watch more. Abstract This overview covers recent developments in the theory of runaway electrons in tokamaks. A plasma control simulator is also being developed to test and validate control schemes. Abstract Three dimensional 3D divertor particle flux footprints induced by the lower hybrid wave LHW have been systematically investigated in the EAST superconducting tokamak during the recent experimental campaign.

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In order to improve the fusion energy gain Q of a gas dynamic trap GDT -based fusion neutron source, a method in which the neutral beam is obliquely injected at a higher magnetic field position rather than at the mid-plane of the GDT is proposed. The purpose of this goi is to outline a select set of new concepts for stellarator optimization that, when taken as a group, present a significant step forward in the stellarator concept.

The AE frequency sweeping is caused by consecutive changes of the instability dominant modes between different helical families. A parabolic relation between skewness and kurtosis of density fluctuations seems to be present.

Abstract Using high speed imaging of the divertor volume, the region close to the X-point in MAST is shown to be quiescent.

A high plasma current of 54 kA reveile non-inductively ramped up and sustained stably for 0. Local reductions to the atomic density and effects associated with the camera viewing geometry are ruled out as causes of the QXR, leaving quiescence in the local plasma conditions as being the most likely cause.

It is found that the differences in the second derivatives of and between the peaked and hollow rotation cases are rather small, suggesting that changes in the second derivatives are not likely to explain the revelile results.

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Na, Yong-Su Na, C. Especially, much lower nuclear heating values and displacement damages are indicated on the lower part of the OT area than others. Akam new algorithm developed for the design of the scraper element on W7-X is presented along with ideas for automating the optimization approach.

Analysis of the highest desorption temperature peak using thermal desorption spectroscopy supports reasonable evidence of defect clustering in the damaged polycrystalline tungsten. Bicoherence analysis confirms a reveolle interaction of GAM with a broadband ambient turbulence.

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