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Since then I have been able to shape my life and define myself as a spiritual man, not a religious man. I think it’s a great story that illustrates some of the changes we are experiencing as the earths energy is shifting. But then I’m so glad I did.

So, my best friend Shawn introduced me to this book sometime after college. We do take energies from our surroundings – that is why some places feel naturally calm or naturally wired. So much useful information for how we go about our daily lives. I am very excited about reading the ‘Tenth Insight’. Given my reaction to the first read, I can’t really ccelestijnse what made me pick it up a second time. Imagining myself as a part of all humanity, and standing at the tip of the arrow with over two millennia behind me.

De Celestijnse Belofte – PDF Free Download

Het bevat een schat aan wijsheid, maar er zijn mensen die verspreiding van deze kennis willen tegenhouden. I had been sleepwalking in the world. I realized that so many times I read this book at the end of or around beginning of On the second read, I let go of the fact that it was badly written and the characters were bad and all the other flaws.


You will feel the itch to apply right away what you learn in the book. belfote

View all 4 comments. Belotte was an amazing read for me personally. This is one of my favorite all-time books. Anyone who critiques in any other way, is missing the point. Didn’t they make a movie about this book? I was so very disappointed.

It is written for the masses If you want feel this new way to interact with people and yourself, get started now and enjoy your experience in this path. We operate out of certain control dramas that we learned to make sure we had enough energy as children…Either being an intimidator, interrogator, being aloof, or being a poor me.

It has helped me change my perspective on synchronicities and flow and energy and the universe. One of my all time favorite books! So in that case mine would be trying to blend service and joy and spirituality.

celestiijnse Jaap van Spanje Translator. Absolutely loved it and hope more people use it as inspiration as well! Maybe I was feeling wishy washy lol!

Whenever we want to, we can tap into this. I found an old copy of this book in my home library and dumped it into my college bag. That is what made me truly search for meaning in my life, without being constrained by other fictional works deemed to be “divine. To avoid this, resist the love at first sight feeling for a celestinnse and learn to have platonic relationships with members celestijnnse the opposite sex.


Although is a fictional story, it discusses universal principles that are very much true.

Celestijnse belofte by James Redfield (5 star ratings)

It’s like I have been sleep walking through my life and just got the jolt of java to wake me up. So, ignoring all the flaws and reading it only for the ideas. I woke up after I read this book and realized there was so much more I was suppose to be doing in this world.

That said, there is a lot of good stuff in there. I am finished with this book, there were so many things in this book that belodte to my life. But this book was the beginning of that spiritual realization for me and I am ever so grateful for it. I fatti narrati passano infatti non in secondo, ma in terzoquartoquinto piano.

De Celestijnse Belofte

This book isn’t for everyone and that’s understandable. It’s been a big part of my spiritual journey. This is simply one of the books that birthed the New Age. It gives you insights on how to take a more positive and active approach to your life.

Celestijjse manuscripts, referred to as “insights”, offer ways of discovering a new sense of life. I read about it in a magazine I used to get that I loved called, “Catalist.

Yes, some of the idea – maybe more than not – don’t make much sense. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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