Coupland returns, knowingly, to mine the dot-com territory of Microserfs ()— this time for slapstick. Young Ethan Jarlewski works long hours. Douglas Coupland returns to form with his updating of Microserfs for the Google generation, JPod, says John Elek. Patrick Ness asks if Douglas Coupland is running on empty in his novel, JPod.

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I was expecting to hate it, but its beauty is so understated and genuinely poignant. Still 4-stars, solely on the basis of well developed characters and first rate geek humor.

Douglas Coupland is neither a master couplland plot, nor of characterisation. Sep 03, Marcus rated it did not like it. I can’t abide Bret Easton Ellis. The biji style is used as a visual representation of life with its interruptions and conflicting demands on attention.

Dennis Lim of The Village Voice called it “smug, vacuous, easily distracted, and often supremely irritating”. This is a pretty funny book about being a computer programmer with family problems. Or maybe jPod is an all-around shout-out to his hip-lit contemporaries, being that Coupland himself makes an appearance in the novel as a jaded antagonist, a la Bret Easton Ellis and his infamous meta-shenanigans. I enjoyed couplnd book as Couplland usually enjoy most of Coupland’s stuff.

Fiction Douglas Coupland reviews. But compared to Eleanor Rigby?

Forster’s famous dictate ‘Only connect’ for the Google age. I mean, take ‘s jPod as a good example, which was ostensibly meant to be a “conceptual sequel” of sorts to the biggest hit of his career, ‘s Microserfswith the two novels sharing a lot of the same premises and details; but while Microserfs was a revelatory celebration of a coming geek entrepreneurial class just starting to show itself, jPod is an unimaginative reaction to our Web 2.


He wrote three brilliant books, at the beginning of his career, his last being Microserfs This was middle of the road as far as Coupland books go. Archived from the original on Coupland says the things others are scared or too PC to.

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The jPodders wage daily battle against the demands of a boneheaded marketing staff, who daily torture employees with idiotic changes to already idiotic games. There are quite believable in my experience. It’s one thing to do something just for fun, knowing full well it has no meaning or impact on your life; it’s another thing entirely to be doing something you thought would be fun, only to have the conscious realization that every minute that ticks down as you read is a minute stolen from you.

Nobody is exempt, not even his seemingly straitlaced parents or Coupland himself, as readers will see. Want to Read saving….

JPod – Wikipedia

Wrote it on a piece of Bibb lettuce. I didn’t get that. And it is this, I think, that finally explains JPod. On the other hand, many critics were frustrated and irritated by the book.

When Ronald McDonald did dirty deeds

If that’s the case, then I was right in feeling like my time was being wasted. It made me think of that urban legend about the chemical they put in swimming pools that reveals when somebody pees. Jul 01, Kelly rated it really liked it.

Voupland Jarlewski is the novel’s main character and narratorwho spends more time involved with his work than with his dysfunctional family. Couplannd was more of a ‘why would he reference something no one will remember in three years? I would estimate that this breaks down into: Coupland seems to have a very loyal and dedicated following, especially from people of particular generations.


And still, every morning at reading time, I wish Ethan and the gang were still going strong.

JPod by Douglas Coupland

And, in a way, he reminds me, just vaguely, of the great Douglas Adams – in a totally different genre, of course, but if Adams were to write a book about office drones back home in the early 21st century, I imagine it would look something like this. Stay tuned for my thoughts Follow me on the blog! Coupland’s use of himself as deus ex machina is a little trite, and the ending is unsatisfying to say the least. Polaroids from the Dead Lara’s Book: Ethan’s dad is a desperately aspiring actor with a passion for ballroom dancing, and new friend Kam Fong smuggles people into Canada from the Far East.

I took a Contemporary Literature class a couple of years ago and my very smart lecturer was talking, in passing, about Coupland and said that he was the kind of author to write himself into his books.

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