Doriano Grėjaus portretas. Ponaitis Dorianas Grėjus atvyksta į Viktorijos laikų Londoną ir įsikuria dvare. Pokylyje Dorianas Grėjus susipažįsta. Readers’ questions about Doriano Grėjaus portretas. 42 questions answered. Noriu žinoti, kodėl neduosi į parodą Doriano Grėjaus portreto. Noriu žinoti tikrąją priežastį. – Aš ją pasakiau. – Ne, nieko panašaus. Sakei – dėl to, kad per daug.

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Doriano Grėjaus portretas — Reader Q&A

Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer, was famous for his charm and extravagance, both in his works and in the aesthetic of life. However, in the latter piece of work, the content was considerably gloomier Thus it came of no surprise that a scandal occurred after the publication: A person recognizes himself in a portrait.


Looking at a dooriano is like looking in the mirror. The mirror gives a person a unique opportunity to see himself, his face, his eyes, and allows for a dialogue with himself. Looking at his appearance, a person sees his inside world. Looking in the mirror, a person can enter another world. And these two worlds may merge.

When looking in the mirror, we can see what is not directly visible to our eyes. The depth of the mirror tells us that we can see much more or very differently from what we see in our reality. The mirror is our personal portrait of the present.

Dorano, people are surrounded by numbers of mirrors, i.


All of them create cracks in the visible world and the material fabric; they porttetas like windows to another world. However, excessive concentration on oneself and the physical appearance is the path to vanity, selfishness, profanity, excellence, egocentrism. The beauty and success mean nothing without love, close people, and walk together. The life gives no joy if one constantly looks at himself.


Last modified: July 31, 2020