The EHEIM Automatic Feeder -autofeeder- is a electronically controlled feeding unit for up to 4 With manual release button and LCD clock function. Owing to the constant requests for automatic fish feeder operation instruction, we have decided to how a couple if videos so that it is easier for you to set. The Everyday Turtle Feeder is designed with a weighted have pre-made openings for automatic feeding units. . times, press the “EHEIM“ manual release .

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This leaves a space for the Eheim feeder to sit also at an angle at the end over the filter section wheim dump over the water. Each feeding event can be programmed to have a mqnual turn of the food bin, or a double turn, where the unit turns the bin once to dispense food, waits a minute, and then turns the food bin a second time. Hello, Nice write up. You are of course checking to see that it actually feeds, that the bin turns the number of times you intend, that the food falls into the tank not accidentally on the cover instead for exampleand that the quantity of food dropped is as desired.

I adjusted the food bin door as narrow as possible with only a sliver of light showing in the opening. For our Spec V, I had a challenging time finding the best location for the feeder on our setup.

The feeder incorporates a fan that cycles on to keep the food in the bin dry. The biggest wishlist item is that they would develop a feeder that is smaller in size to better work for small, nano aquariums.


Once you get it working as intended, make sure to leave things alone from that point on. We have tested this setup for more than a week with us gone on vacation.

The reason for this is that Eheim has this product doing double duty as a turtle feeder. I was hopeful that it automwtic meet our needs and decided to set one up for our holiday vacations.

The lights ehejm already scheduled with a separate timer that I have operating year round. I generally like the display and the ease of programming.


Does the clamp come with it? There are two main options for mounting the Eheim fish feeder. In my research, this model of fish feeder had very good user reviews. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. To make room for the feeder, I had to cant the light at an angle across the aquarium.

I wanted the same function when we are gone, so I decided to add another Leviton plug-in timer to make rheim happen. feedr

The best care for your fish

I prefer to mount the feeder with one rather than let it sit on the cover. I set mine to manhal at 6: Those confirm that it will actually turn and dump food one eheimm per arrow at the set time. The feeding door on the food bin generally works well. It gives them a better chance to eat all of it without the food getting back into the filter or dropping before they can eat it. When we leave and the tank is unattended, another concern besides feeding is water evaporation. Fishkeeping requires a certain level of commitment.


Water changes, regular cleaning, feeding, and attention to your tank. This setup works well with aquariums that have a canopy or other flat surface on top of the aquarium. The bin is square shaped and those corners will need some room as the bin turns during feeding time.

The timers runs, but I can not set the time or the feedings. Your email address will not be published. I tested the feeding action automaitc setting the unit up over a white bowl and hitting the feed button. As previously mentioned, it was challenging to find space for the unit to sit and be able to dump in the central opening to the water.

I bought a used one on eBay and it came automatix the bracket. Since this site is focused on nano aquariums, specifically the Fluval Spec line of aquariums, I want to discuss the use of the Eheim Automatic fish feeder for this application.

Metric values are conversions from english and rounded to the nearest mm: Do you know if the tank glass mounting bracket can be purchased separately and automati so where? I have put in fresh batteries, the colon blinks I can press mode and see the 4 different modes.

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