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Tazkira Auliya-e-Rajasthan Volume Log In Sign Up. Burhan jild,shumara-4,Apr Shumara Number Hikayaat-e-Roomi Part Criticism.

The Beloved cannot be held by sight, nor can He be borne, but He cannot be surrendered, and He cannot be disregarded.

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The seed of patience is sown in the heart, You say. Man Ba Tu Cheneen sokhteh rjmi mann taaki Wazz ma tu cheneen kasheeda daaman taaki Een kaar bikaam dushmanaanam ta chand Mann darr gham tu, tu farigh az mann taaki How long will I keep burning in your flame? The quatrains of Rumi: Tu kun nida wa tu awazeh deh keh sultani Turrasat lutf e jawab wa turasat ilm e sawal Cry out and proclaim that thou art king; Thine is the grace of answer, and thine is the knowledge of question.

Maktubat-e-Hazrat Khwaja Baaqi ballah Naqshbandi dehlvi. Why so much advice about existence? Aan lujja bood aen e aan mauj Aan mauj cheh bood aen e derya What was that mass of waters?

Retrieved September 28,from http: As low as I had sunk, I rose, faith restored from blasphemy. Maqalat The cloaked, bitter and bitterly resented Shams is the Socratic figure who shifts the axis with his entrance, and marks the permanence in that shift with fughaan dramatic a departure. Tasawwuf Aur Siriyat Taqabuli Mutala Wisdom Such an ambivalent, tightly coiled love, which is neither requited nor denied, must exalt a novice to a master.

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download fughan e rumi pdf book

Ibn ‘Arabi and the Mystical Journey. To be tangled, oh so briefly, in your love Is to know disaster, close at hand and real. Zeengonay keh mann be neesti kharsandam Chandeen cheh deed bhar hasti pandam Rozi keh ba taigh neesti bakshandam Dumi e mann barest keh oo man khandam. A lifetime long I’ve dreamt you, night and day.

Beyond you there’s no way.

Stages of Spiritual Awakening in Divan E Shams Tabrez | Xay Mirza –

That life has passed, the dream won’t go away. In an exploratory paper by Dr. Principally, it means that God transcends and is radically different from the world. Urdu Theater Volume Fiction. This yearning for completion echoes of the nearly hermaphroditic tradition Alloya that the soul is torn and halved: John futhan the Cross San Juan de la Cruz: But he saw that their heads had no room for reason, So bowed at their feet and went on his way.

Bi dolat e makhdoomi e Fkghan ul Haqq e Tabrezi Ni ma tawaan deedan wa ni beher tawaan shud Without the power gughan imperial of Shams ul Haqq of Tabrez One could neither behold the moon nor become the sea. Nought but the Sea.

When The Rose Is Gone by Jalaluddin Rumi – Poetry Reading

Mevlana Research in Konya, 2, 1. As self gets diminished, irfan reaches its apex. He recounts his own mystical journey through the stars in The Nocturnal Journey Kitab al-Isra written in Honest Mansour spoke true, as love must do, And he was hung by the rope of his zeal.


Makanam la makan baashid nishanam bi nishaan baashid Na tan baashid na jaan baashid keh man az jaan e jaana nam My place is the placeless, my trace is the traceless Tis neither body nor fughaj, for I belong to the soul of the Beloved.

However, the stages are not milestones on this landscape of solitary discovery- the seeker may experience one or more stations ahwal simultaneously.

Nought but the wave. He is Allah, Absolute Oneness Quran The tree as branched out above, as in its roots rummi. Their hundred lances pierced the veins of Soul. The search stems not from a question, but from an answer, an acceptance that there is no respite but in the arms of the beloved- the only obstruction remaining in this non-linear tangent of time is: The metaphysical chain of being, extending from one being to the Ultimate One Plotinus- insights later.

It is a love that has been trodden, chastised to walk the range between despair and hope. How do they learn it?

Shumara Number Jamia,New Delhi. If you live without love, alone, I want to know. Words with indo-Persian, Arabic or Turkish origins are translated in parenthesis.

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