Giacinto Scelsi was an Italian composer who also wrote surrealist poetry in French. He is best . Quattro Pezzi – Anahit – Uaxuctum, 3. Hurqualia – Hymnos. In , he completed the ferocious, tormented, complex Uaxuctum. The myths and mysteries of this Mayan city is reflected in Scelsi’s compositional process. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Giacinto Scelsi at the Discogs , Giacinto Scelsi – Quattro Pezzi Per Orchestra – Anahit – Uaxuctum album art.

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While Schoenberg, Boulez and Cage brought to the 20th century new organizational strategies, Scelsi sidestepped their advances through a fundamental reappraisal of pitch and instrumental color. In this case, Scelsi says, the Mayans made a conscious decision to end the city themselves. Composed init was the last score Scelsi completed before he suffered a complete mental breakdown. It was first premiered in Festival di Como, and recorded on Fore records Raretone with Scelsi in the studio and later for Etcetera Records.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

CD: Scelsi: La Nascita del Verbo; Quattro Pezzi; Uaxuctum | Music | The Guardian

Born in the village of Pitelli near La SpeziaScelsi spent most of guacinto time in his mother’s old castle where he received education from a private tutor who taught him Latin, chess and fencing. Along with full-sized chorus, the instrumentation is unusual: Also available on surround-sound DVD. In this view, the artist is considered a mere intermediary. Also by Giacinto Scelsi on Mode Records: Uaxucrum work, “truly written in blood,” left Scelsi “in a deplorable state,” afterwards uaxucfum stopped composing for several years.

Two duets receive their first recordings: Since Scelsi’s oeuvre was taken up enthusiastically by a younger generation of self-proclaimed tone scientists it’s been all too easy to overlook its raw gut power. From the late s, he met several leading interpreters who have promoted his music all over the world and gradually opened the gates to wider audiences, such as the Arditti String Quartetthe cellist Frances-Marie Uittiand the pianists Yvar Mikhashoff and Marianne Schroeder.

Musica Viva Festival They were then orchestrated and filled out by his meticulous performance instructions, or adjusted from time to time in close collaboration with the performers. He is best known for writing music based around only one ggiacintoaltered in all manners through microtonal oscillations, harmonic allusions, giacihto changes in timbre and dynamicsas paradigmatically exemplified in his revolutionary Quattro pezzi su una nota sola “Four Pieces on a single note”, Steeped in chromaticism, with hints of Scriabin and a sea of percussion, Nascita boasts a vast double fugue one of the most imposing in the history of music and a forty-seven voice canon in twelve keys.

  ALI M1487 PDF

His precisely notated scores explicitly specify quarter-tone inflections, types of vibrato, mutes, dynamics, etc. Without wishing to cast aspersions on them and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra on this new recording, it’d be great if one day the work could be recorded by a truly major league outfit with a huge budget – and no audience: There really are no proper words to describe this amazing piece, which presents Scelsi at his most daring and innovative.

Released in full for the first time on the Wergo disc, the cycle is totally compelling, with its fractured monodies, each obsessing around a single pitch or small group of notes, and punctuated in some of the numbers by drums, gongs, a wailing saxophone or recorder, creating a self-sufficient and unique sound world.

A central tapping episode reinforces Scelsi’s “heartbeat of the earth. Webern’s Klangfarbenmelodie may have arrived there first, however Scelsi went to an extreme by devoting entire movements to a single pitch. Alvin Curran recalled that: It might be better, in fact, if the title was replaced with something like “Music for Chorus and Orchestra,” then it could be considered on its merits without being compelled to go allusion-hunting.

Titled in Sanskrit, both course slowly though quarter- and eighth-tones under precisely specified vibrato. He married Dorothy Kate Ramsden, a divorced Englishwoman.

Uaxuctum, for ondes martenot, chorus, 8 percussionists & 23 musicians

It was an outdoor concert. In the massive trilogy for solo cello subtitled The Three Ages uaxuctu, Man, Scelsi focuses even more closely on the minutiae of sound, the inner details of a single pitch or timbre, often in a way that suspends all conventional notions of musical time.

The latter features a big oil can rubbed along its side and a huge aluminum thunder-sheet. Dutch musicologist Henk de Velde, alluding to Adorno speaking of Alban Bergcalled Scelsi “the Master of the yet smaller transition,” [ citation needed ] to which Harry Halbreich added that “in fact, his music is only transition. This piece is certainly Scelsi’s most difficult to perform, and was not premiered until October 12th, by the Cologne Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As such, Uaxuctum was both Scelsi ‘s luxuriant funeral barge and his glittering crown, its performance a consecration of his tremendous artistic achievements.

This certainly is food for the imagination, but focusing too much on it can detract from the splendor of Scelsi ‘s fully musical accomplishment. Grillo’s performance on the second disc of col legno’s 50 Jahre Neue Musik in Darmstadt set: Uaxuctum incorporates harmonic elements throughout, and is extremely difficult to come to terms with.


He cured himself, so the story goes, by continuously playing the same piano note for days on end. What came after his recovery was something totally different from the rather earnest neoclassicism of that work, and couched in its own, personal musical terms.

All these sounds are used with the most refined sense of instrumental colors, particularly with an aptness for blending them to create unique, surreal soundscapes that are mountainous, planetary, galactic. Here’s to Volume 7.

Giacinto Scelsi – Wikipedia

It’s an impressively weighty piece, the composition of which apparently plunged the composer into a period of creative crisis, but one whose orchestration and material – there’s even a fully-fledged double fugue – looks back to the sprawling early 20th century choral works instead of forward into the brave new world of microtonality and “spherical sound” that the composer subsequently explored. The first movement, the longest of the five, is a grand overture; it begins in quiet contemplation, only to be interrupted by the violent mystical revelation of the chorus propelling uaxucfum story into the present from the distant past, and then sinking back into meditative tones with a presentiment of the upcoming adventure.

The results are appearing only giscinto, though the Mode collection of orchestral works is the sixth release in its Scelsi series. One of the earliest interpreters Scelsi closely worked with was the singer Michiko Hirayamawhom he met in in Rome.

Scelsi cleverly applies scordatura so that some notes resonate while others pass dully. Musica Viva FestivalVol. Home News Contacts Copyright. Share on facebook twitter tumblr.

Scelsi: La Nascita del Verbo; Quattro Pezzi; Uaxuctum

A delicately warped unison occupies Kshara ‘s center. One of Scelsi’s infamous pieces is the Quattro Pezzi su una nota sola. The scelsk refers to a legend of a Mayan city that mysteriously disappeared in the ninth century. M ost composers’ centenaries are marked by a flurry of celebratory discs, but in the case of Giacinto Scelsi, it was the centenary in that seems to have prodded the companies into commemorating him.

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