El hexagrama 14 es llamado 大有 (ta yu), “La Posesión de lo Grande”. The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The universal spirit – the connection of everything in the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Any advice?” > 14 I am very confused something great is on the way.

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The person who is able to win over others by sincerity and a sense of dignity always finds himself or herself in a favorable position. Even while you barely look over your dashboard, desktop or television, life still hexaframa productive ways of coaching your authentic nature forward.

A prince may win rewards from his emperor, but this is beyond an ordinary man’s power. Accumulating in the middle; thus no harm results.

iChing Affluence

Implies the possession of very great discriminatory powers. A good example evokes virtue. The union of the people results in the emergence of a significant power, a Great Being that brings Great Possessions, literal and spiritual. Accumulated virtues and competent hexagdama enable the man to assume great responsibilities.

Great Being shows a great sacrifice and the bright presence that comes from it. Your creative judgment is balanced. Hexahrama Yu unchanging can be a message that you already have all that you need so stop searching.

…life can be translucent

Nature is a Teacher. Hexahrama it is the only changing line, the hexagram of Wealth is transformed into the thirty-fourth hexagram of Great Power — a most energetic combination of images.


On the other side, those who lack resources need feel no shame in asking for or receiving assistance. The significance here is that the splendor of a very great man lights up the heavens.

Yield to the powerful spirit of the time and let go of personal restrictions. Nothing that does not further. Originally Posted by beef. If the oldest things in the universe are not in control, then why do you attempt to play the host? The bright new energy is rising all around you. Change from the Inside Out: Whitmont — The Symbolic Quest A.

Do not be afraid to act alone. Do not try to dominate.

14: Affluence

To those who have, more will be given. The first line, dynamic, shows that there is no approach to what is injurious, and there is no error. Line 2 The first lesson after an achievement of success is to stay fluid and mobile. This is a time for improvement in every way. Tao te Ching Audio. You have your own unique path to follow: Not holding a grudge and rising above the superficial works wonders.

Elisabeth Haich — Initiation. If pride and envy have surfaced in your life, let them go. There will be good fortune, advantage in every respect. Step 2 Inner Center: Your actions are not suppose to be weak or inhibited. Here lies the potential for great blessings and good fortune.


Yet, you come and go to the same places each day, drawing sustenance from a refrigerator.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 14

If you struggle, there will be no fault. Whether your task demands abject poverty of you or gives you the greatest wealth, you must always remember that nothing, absolutely nothing, ever or anywhere really belongs to you. The Image The old hexagrrama show the Great Person and a hand holding the moon, master of the changes. Make a great offering and share with others.

Fire is in the sky; great possession. Be very careful in your choices now. The sixth line, dynamic, shows its subject with help accorded to him from Heaven. A petty man cannot do this.

Be willing to do so without hesitation or hezagrama, and you will remain free in spirit, and be the equal of those around you. This is a time when you can acquire great abundance and influence through the development of a central plan or inspiring idea. He is blessed by heaven. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Last modified: May 10, 2020