Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology is intended for use in undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Management Information. INFORMATION SYSTEMS VERSION (B+W) [John Gallaugher] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in great condition Like New. Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v [John Gallaugher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This textbook .

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Comments I found the depth of the subjects covered, syste,s style and structure exemplary. Galoaugher book covers the most of useful topics on the subjects. This is because of how fast the information system field changes. Thanks to all who make this such a special experienceand to Ameet Kallarackal for such kind words. The chapters were formatted in a consistent manner. About the Book Information Systems: This text covered the concepts it addressed in a substantive manner using a non-technical engaging writing style and exemplary structure.

Supplemental content would include the concepts of business analytics, artificial intelligence and security.

The occasional self-referencing did not warrant elimination of content. I appreciate the chapter objectives, take aways and questions and exercises. In fact an instructor could choose to assign just certain sections or gallaaugher articles in the textbook. The author does a good job gallaughre addressing specifics if IS, that can change very quickly, in a broad way by focusing on the overall management and organizational issues and then illustrating those issues with examples from current events and organizations.

Very well written objectives for each sub-chapter, and good use of formatting to give additional meaning and structure to the content. I plan to adapt and adopt this book for my course, and will add some sections from other open textbooks to make a full content solution. Offer the product to strong students as an independent study — syystems hire them as TAs when you roll out the full course.


The textbook does cover the basics that other MIS textbooks cover: And if you live in a no-doorman apartment or other location where delivery is less convenient, some Whole Foods will be rolling out Amazon delivery lockers.

How I Built This: This galllaugher covered the concepts it addressed in a substantive manner using a non-technical engaging I would say that a major revision of the textbook will be necessary within five years.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology

The engaging style would hopefully encourage more of the students to actually real it. It is very relevant right now but could become outdated very quickly. The teaching approach in this text encourages students to think deeper and more practically about the space where business and technology meet.

I found the depth of the subjects covered, non-technical style and structure exemplary. A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology can change this. This unique opportunity helps provide his teaching and writing with a broad, deep, and continually refreshed perspective infor,ation key industry trends and developments.

This book is a step in the informatiion direction in engaging students and helping them realize how exciting IT can be. Each section is written to stand on its own like a periodical article.

How does Spain’s fashion giant Zara, a firm that shuns the sort of offshore manufacturing used by systms other popular clothing chain, offer cheap fashions that fly off the shelves, all while achieving growth rates and profit margins that put Gap to shame? The fact that the cases may be removed or updated relatively simply, because of the format, is an advantage.


Understanding Network Effects 6. The flipped class turns the programming course into one of the lightest lifts for faculty.

I think I would restructure the chapters every time I would use this textbook, either for an introductory information systems or an -e-commerce course. Want to see the product and student results in action? Content in the text is timely and accurate, error-free and unbiased.

However, the text is verbose. No noticeable navigational issues or ineffective images and charts. However, it was verbose, which added to the length of the text. The terminology was consistent and relevant to the subject matter. The author does make a very good effort to make the subject engaging. We look forward to having an Eagle in that nest. The textbook is very well put together.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology – The Week in Geek™

Rather than lead with technical topics, the book starts with strategic thinking, focusing on big-picture issues that have confounded experts but will engage students.

The discussions are built around cases and stories that bring the concepts to life.

Clear textual and image cues help to identify the different subchapters and sections of the text.

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