Irina Tweedie was a British women who went to live and study in northwest India with a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher. Her book “The Chasm of Fire, A Women’s. Irina Tweedie was born in Russia in , and educated in Vienna and Paris. Following World War II, she married an English naval officer, whose death in Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. $ Paperback. Books by Irina Tweedie. Showing 1 Result Books: Advanced Search.

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Then it will be pulled to pieces and then put together again, and everybody will say his or her opinion. You got the essence of that. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

You see, if you go to unknown country, the forest or desert, you always need a guide. And teaching is constant repetition.

The personality doesn’t know what lesson one intends to learn — what one is intended for it to learn — I must correct myself. In the Christian tradition they refer to the dark night of the iirina as being an essential part of the mystical path. I would rather say where the analysis and modern psychology end, there the Sufis or the spirituality begins. And he said one day to us, “What you can understand with the mind is not a high state.

And you have to give yourself away in utter surrender. And I knew I couldn’t go back to London without having achieved at least a little bit. You see, when you have direct knowledge, it’s not even a belief, it’s conviction. And you refer often in your book to tweedje fact that many times he would just have you come to his house, and you would sit, and he would be asleep. They were free, free spirits, and they were always rebels. Everyone is an individual; that’s what we prize above all else, I suppose.


A lot of repetition is needed. The Vedic Hindu tradition. We really have to make the same kinds of distinctions in our own life.

I had very little to irnia, because I couldn’t eat in this heat. I sort of just looked, speechless. Like when I was a young child I didn’t know how automobiles worked, or electronic equipment worked, but I knew other people did.

Due to her second husband’s premature death inshe went through a personal crisis that launched her on a spiritual quest. You must have gone through something corresponding to that.

This I feel is the modern way of Sufi stories. You can call it illumination in the Christian sense, or great clarity. It is like a telling of a Sufi story, exactly. Like the three wise men. And in the time of Socrates, for three years you were not allowed to ask. And I know very simple people — I met peasants in India who are unbelievably intuitional.

I got thinner and thinner. So I thought, “Well, it won’t hurt very much. You don’t need to look everywhere; the whole of nature is the mystery of God. You just put it beautifully.

There is one right at the base of the spine, there is one here, there is one at the heart, then the throat, then the forehead, and also at the top of the head.

There, I am the knowledge. We are the arbiters of our destiny. You know, the sine qua non, the most important thing on the spiritual path, is really to get rid of the ego. So they would sit in front of the mosque, and they would say, “Why do you go to the mosque? The novice had to be the last and the least and the shabbiest dog, had to serve all the other monks or nuns or whatever it was.


A short biography of Irina Tweedie

Now, that for the mind is double Dutch. Learn more at Author Central. So really in confronting a spiritual tradition like Sufism, one has to honestly expect tweefie go through a sense of turmoil. In fact they call it in Persian shaitan, which means Satan. I wonder, is it fair to say that that intense period, that yo-yo phase, as you describe it, you went through for five years with your teacher — TWEEDIE: Low to High Price: Not irinq the ordinary Sufi usually haven’t got it, only the great ones.

Similar authors to follow

For myself I can never contact him. Well, I feel complimented by that, but I’m speculating, really. And this mind has to be stilled somehow, in order that spiritual experiences can come through. It is really the important part of spiritual life. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Irina Tweedie, you are certainly a master of that subject, and it’s been a pleasure to have you with me.

DestinyArbiterOur Destiny. We call them our thoughts all the time, suggesting go this way, go that way. Irina’a relationship with her teacher is unusual in its impersonal nature and its lack of intellectual content.

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