Just get a load on these amazing numbers behind the Harry Potter franchise: Twenty years, 18 billion dollars in value, seven books. eight films. Tamil comics – Yaar antha maayavi. Mayavi yaar-antha-mayavi-pdf. Tamil Comics – Mayavi yaar-antha-mayavi-pdf. Upcoming SlideShare. Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Tamil) Paperback Books- Buy Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Tamil) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD.

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Steel Claw containing a different weapon in each finger, the Claw was also remote controlled. If you will please see if you have them in your collection or possibly one of your contacts have them, that will be fantastic. This series was published in the Hindi monthly magazine Parag under the name fauladi panja.

Reprints further appeared in Barracuda – 9 issues published. In Kerala the tremendous popularity of the series triggered many rip-offs of Iruumbu Claw. How nice it would be, if all the CC issues are produced with this quality!!!. I did not go there for a long time and I am planning to visit my native in near future.

The Steel Claw (comics)

This was followed by his appearance in AD Actionwhere Crandell was portrayed as a burnt out government assassin.

Take a look at the message from the editor about this new member to the Muthu family.

I will also place a link on my indopakbangcomics. Irumub the way, issue number 19 does not have any announcement for the next issue.


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Take a look at a page from this gem. Armed with his steel claw, which by now was equipped with a variety of weapons and tools in each finger, as well as with his power of invisibility, Louis Crandell battled various criminal geniuses, aliens, and the organisation known as F.

I was a big fan i can say I was mad about mayavvi comics. As the editor is giving his input in the other two regulars Muthu and Lionhe should also give some background info about the CC as well. The Steel Claw enjoyed wide popularity in Europe and Asia, the adventures featuring the Shadow Squad being the most popular of the series. Newer Post Older Post Home.

CID Lawrence not so good anyway 5.

Though the editor has announced that there will mayafi four issues per year, I guess it was never fulfilled. I guess the reason for the bad quality print is that the original blocks can no longer be used as they are too soiled and the actual books from Muthu were used for printing the CC. All the cover scans of comics classics in one place and that too clearly visible even without enlarging. However, the stories which were published in Kobra were partly incomplete, switching between stories unpredictably.

காமிக்ஸ் பற்றிய ஒரு அலசல்!

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Comics infobox without image Character pop. Recent announcement about taking subscription for CC should appeal to those who hate to visit the shops frequently.

Atleast has seen three issues 17,18 and 19 so far as of Oct What do you think, will it be disrespectful to ask? After retiring from the Shadow Squad, Louis Crandell became a detective, and then a bounty hunter, before distrust of his past eventually led him to go to South America, where he continued to fight crime.


Yes, you can buy some of the CC issues directly from the publishers even now. Iyanthirathalai Manithargal One of Editor’s top 10 I would like to collect the comics books again.

In another laboratory accident, with a new ray, if he received irumbi high voltage electric shock from power lines, etc. A couple of characters – with the black shades – look like MGR dont they: I liked the cover characters on the comics on your post – look like 60s movie posters. Marma Theevil Maayavi Thikilootum Nimidangal Lawrence David If you have read up to this point, it means you are interested in the Tamil comics and my posting is somewhat interesting to read.

Tex Willer One story 6. Or is it OK to maintain as it is? This character is a thief who tries to steal the Claw from a museum, only to have it attach itself to his left hand, and then receives the same invisibility powers, irumgu well as added strength and shock powers in the Claw.

The same combination was used in 12 issues of CC riumbu well.

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