Straw bale gardening is a gardening technique perfected by Joel Karsten where the bales acts as natural containers for your plants. They’re like growbags at a. Straw Bale Gardening is quite simply the easiest way to grow great edibles. Straw Bale Gardens – Joel Karsten (BOOK, available through J Karsten’s website) . So I called up Joel Karsten, author of Straw Bale Gardens, and lead Karsten argues that straw is an ideal “container” for growing vegetables.

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If you actually look at ANY of the studies done by anyone not being paid by Monsanto et al.

Pamela Melcher July 1, – 7: Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in Florida. He shares a few of his most humorous ideas that turned out gaddening be complete failures.

Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening Shill

David The Good July 1, – By the acute standard of LD50, glyphosate is indeed less toxic than either caffeine or table salt. Curtiss July 5, – 4: Not that many people gardenning use glyphosates on hay, but some do, for the same reason.

And we the women ended prohibition because we did not want our children dying at the hands of a vile and corrupt government such as the U. Wow, was that revealing! South Saint Paul MN. Methinks you project too much, Mr. Celeste Cox July 3, – 4: Getting the straw bales conditioned is an essential part of the process, and should be started two weeks prior to your target planting date wherever you are located.

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Reading this boiled my blood, I had to sit for a minute and get myself straq to objectivity. Especially an author with my motto. Build a trellis and greenhouse in one One of the coolest things about straw bale gardening is that it combines the best of container gardening with vertical gardening.

I am going to do 12 bales next year! Will have to return to basics. Danny Peace July 1, – 8: David is sound and strong with facts. I am able to garden again, and have even produced greater results than my friends with traditional gardens.

Signup for free mentoring program. We are good citizens, Joel. How To Tell if a Fig is Ripe Easy read, very detailed The Top 5 Best Garden Hoes. Next time, refute the points rather than attacking the author, Joel. What To Plant in a Florida Orchard. How to Process Coffee at Home in I have told all my friends and they are going to try it next year.

Hank July 5, – 9: Three years since we used the hay! Most of his seminars are PowerPoint based with live visual aides and props. Slithering Death Monsters September 15, I have arthritis and now I’m 76 but can continue my beloved gardening because of this method. What is Straw Bale Gardening?

Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening Shill | The Survival Gardener

Now printed in many languages the book has launched a speaking career that has taken Karsten around the world speaking to frustrated gardeners looking for alternatives to difficult sites, and solutions to so many other problems that traditional gardening methods can’t address. He eventually transitioned completely from a traditional soil based vegetable garden to producing all but a couple of vegetable crops in straw bales. Please enter the text you see in the image at the left into the textbox.


But if it had not been for the fact that some of the judges, lawmakers, police, etc were drinking that same hooch and died, balr likely we would not have had a case for prohibition to end. Well, guess what Joel Karsten, author of Straw Bale Gardens … you seem to be a bit socially challenged. I am still growing in straw bales and have spoken to and passed out Joel’s information to many many people.

It has recently come to light that big corporations had paid scientist to study the correlation between fat and a myriad of diseases.

Anniemee July 1, – 7: David The Good July 6, – 9: Instagram Feed Something is wrong. The Edible Blue Mushroom: We tried this growing-food-in-bales-of-hay idea, and nothing has grow there since.

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