If you decide not to commit the changes you made, use the cancel check-out option in the Document Actions menu to restore the document to the version prior to. KnowledgeTree Administrator Manual – June Table of Contents .. Upgrading KnowledgeTree OSS (manually installed) to KnowledgeTree. Professional. A dvanced Computer Systems œ Project Management. KnowledgeTree Document. Management System User. Manual. [KTDMS-SUM].

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These documents are place inside of folders whose names can be configured when designing a process. In this example, tree types of the Field Set named Credit Card Application are displayed at the bottom of the list:. These fields will display information related to the process created in ProcessMaker, so it’s important to give clear names which will be associated with ,nowledgetree variables.

Once a case is running and a document is attached Input Document or generated Output Documentopen KnowledgeTree and go to destination path for the document to see its Generic Information:. Checking the General Information: Installing required programs Install the KnowledgeTree requirements as the root user:.

The ProcessMaker plugin uses web services to connect to KnowledgeTree and automatically login as a KnowledgeTree user. The Community Edition can be found in this page. First, install gcc if it isn’t already installed:. KnowledgeTree was an open source Document Management System DMSwhich offered knowledgetres simple web-based interface to provide access to documents for specified users in an organization.

Once the Fieldset is created, new fields can be added.

Once the DMS configuration is set, close the window and start a case. ProcessMaker cases will knowpedgetree be integrated into KnowledgeTree’s document management system.


Assign a variable from the process to fieldset:. This information will be placed on the general information of the document uploaded inside Knowledge Tree where:.

KnowledgeTree is no longer open source in any meaningful sense. This helps to organize documents uploaded to ProcessMaker according to the document type. To understand mabual the integration works, it is a good practice to create an example.

Dropdowns will list kjowledgetree ProcessMaker system and case variables. X, so that Input Documents and Output Documents which are used in ProcessMaker cases can be stored and managed in a centralized manner.

In this example, the name of the folder is processmaker and its subfolder is the username, which in this case is “admin”:. Then, click on Save. Configuring the metadata layer involves adding the document types, fieldsets and fields, so that ProcessMaker variables knowledgetre be displayed next to each fieldset.

All assigned documents will be displayed below the list of documents:. For example, if a user wants to stored documents in a folder named ProcessMaker and on a subfolder with the user name, the path will be:.

Click on Assigned Documentswhich is the default for Document Types. Adding metadata about documents creates a high-level storage structure for both KnowledgeTree and ProcessMaker. Click on Destination path to specify a path where the document will be stored. Free trials of the plugin are available.

Knlwledgetree KnowledgeTree folders to which the logged-in user has access are displayed. Installing pstotext Since a package is not available for pstotext program, it will need to be compiled from source.

2.0/2.X – KnowledgeTree Integration

By clicking on Assign Documents the list of Output and Input Documents created during the process will be knowlddgetree. To create other categories of Document Types, login to KnowledgeTree as the “admin” user and go to Admin.


The Existing document fieldsets will be listed:. At this point Document Type is defined in the default type and Destination path as –not defined– because no path has been defined for storing the documents.

It is important to create Document Types to manage large amounts of documents, which will be uploaded or generated in ProcessMaker and stored in KnowledgeTree. If there’s no Document Types defined, the only one appearing manuall the list will be Default so choose Assigned Documents from Default option, the following list of options will display on the same window:.

Click on a folder to see its files and subfolders. Input and Output Documents which are configured to be managed by KnowledgeTree are automatically stored in KnowledgeTree when created during a case. Select rating Give 2.

/2.X – KnowledgeTree Integration | [email protected]

ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition 2. By default, all documents managed by KnowledgeTree are placed in the “Default” category of Document Type. In this case a Field Set named Credit Card Application was created, so information created as field names will be displayed in the General Information section:.

Please rate how useful majual found this document: To obtain the plugin, please contact the ProcessMaker sales department.

Last modified: April 23, 2020