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In b we can relate the number of novels that can be stored on a CD to the number of megabytes required per novel and the storage tjpler of the CD. Picture the Problem We can set up a proportion to relate the storage capacity of a CD to its playing time, the length of a typical song, and the storage capacity required for each song.

Assuming that a typical page in a novel requires 5 kB of memory, express n in terms of the number of pages p in a typical novel:. Br Note that the choices for Br start at the end of vector Ar rather than at its initial point.

The angle can be determined from the diameter of the moon and the distance to the moon.


We can express pressure in terms of the SI 6ta.edicni units by substituting the base units for mass, acceleration, and length in the definition of pressure. Picture the Problem We can use the definitions of the metric prefixes listed in Table to express each of these quantities without prefixes. If so, sketch a graphical answer. One of the first STM pictures seen by the general public was of the letters IBM spelled with xenon atoms on a nickel surface. Acceleration has dimensions of speed divided by time.

The mass librk a water molecule is. What are the dimensions of pressure?

What are your final units? Its angle measured counterclockwise from the positive x axis is a between zero and 90 degrees. Tipler e Gene Mosca: Pressure is defined as force divided by area. Force is not a base quantity. A CD has a storage capacity of MB and can store approximately 70 min of high-quality music.

Tipler Vol 2. 6 Ed Cap 25

Determine the Concept Consulting Llibro we note that the prefix giga means Hence, there are four significant figures in this number. Express and simplify the ratio of. Determine the Concept Because a vector with a negative x-component and a positive y-component is in the second quadrant, its angle is between 90 and degrees. We can then use the fact that there are feet in 1 mile to find the number of centimeters in one mile.

Picture the Problem We 6ya.edicin use the definitions of the metric prefixes listed in Table to express each of these quantities without abbreviations. If we double that number to include trucks, cabs, etc.


Determine the Concept We can use the definitions of force and pressure, together with the dimensions of mass, acceleration, and length, to find the dimensions of pressure. Picture the Problem We can determine the US customary units of each term on the right-hand side of the equations from the units of the physical quantity on the left-hand side. Express pressure in terms of the Tioler base units kilogram, meter and second.

Libroo the Concept Counting from left to right and ignoring zeros to the left of the first nonzero digit, the last significant figure is the first digit that is in doubt. Applying this criterion, there are six significant. Determine the Concept The figure shows a vector Ar pointing in the positive x direction and three unlabeled possibilities for vector.

Therefore, because x is in meters:. The letters IBM were 15 xenon atoms across.

Tipler Vol 2. 6 Ed Cap 25

If the mass of a person is 60 kg, estimate the number of water molecules in that person. What are the SI. Picture the Problem We can use the facts that there are 2.

Therefore, because x is in feet:.

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