Mukhzan-ul-Asrar-o-Sultan-ul-Aurad By Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammed Sarwari Qadri. Makhzan Ul Asrar, the treasury of secrets being the first of the five poems By Shaik Nizami of Ganjah. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text · PDF. Title, Makhzan Ul Asrar, Or, the Treasury of Secrets: By Shaik Nizami, of Ganjah Society for the publication of oriental texts. N. Author, Nathaniel Bland.

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Jan 2, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. All initial stages of the birth of the universe are well mentioned in this blessed book.

Feb 8, by Maher Muhammad Ajiz Barvi. For every Qadri saint, it is necessary to attend the royal court of the Prophet Muhammed P. Jan 24, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. Mar 26, by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri.

Dec 16, 6: Light has been shed on this concept that mysticism and tasawwuf are two totally different paths. The Life of Muhammad PBUH become the greatest source for all humankind in encouraging all things be taken in this world in order to escape from hellfire in Hereafter and to get access to Paradise in Hereafter the very lasting long long life, foreever.


Mar 24, by Malik Shair Muhammad khan Awan. But due to their own short-sightedness and shortcomings they give up further studies of the books. Jan 11, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori.

It explains the veil of ignorance that exists between a devotee and Allah. A perfect mater is capable of creating heroes out of stone. T his is an Urdu translation of Sir-ul-asrar. The spiritual relevance of Faqr is explained in detail. The basic ideas that led to the conception of the different sufi orders have been mentioned in this book. T his blessed book destroys the veil the blanket of ego and ignorance.

Makhzan Ul Asrar, the treasury of secrets being the first of the five poems …

The spiritual station of the supreme heads of these orders has been discussed in this book. This blessed book can prove to be a very handy tool for an aspiring devotee who has, despite his best efforts, failed to alight the steps of spirituality.

The Abyat of Sultan Bahu r. I n this holy book the divine sight of Allah and tasawwuf has been explained.

Kitab-i makhzan al-asrar [print] in SearchWorks catalog

Dec 21, 3: Nov 27, 6: How to achieve the ability to see Allah is also mentioned. It talks about the procedures of spiritual recitations zikr exclusive to the Qadria order of Sufism. Dec 19, 9: T his book explains that the Qadria order of Sufism is at the apex of the sufi ladder and therefore supercedes all the other sufi orders. Tasawwuf and other forms of spiritual practices are explained in detail. Hazrat Faqeer Altaf Hussain Sarwari Qadri ra has provided adequate translation and thereafter has also given splendid explanation and commentary for all the relevant topics in this book.


H as the perfect being.

95 Makhzanul Asrar / Makhzan Ul Asrar Hazrat Sultan Bahu English Book

Hazrat Sultan Bahu r. Feb 5, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. A detailed script about history of Sarwari Qadri Order, spiritual ranks of Faqr in detail. T his is an Makhza translation of Aen-ul-Faqr. Mar 18, by muhammad waqas sami.

Jan 15, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini. The 17th century saint, Hazrat Sultan Bahu r. Mar 15, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini. Nov 24, 2:

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